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DR46 series two roll cross wedge rolling

Product description£º
    DA46 series of cross wedge rolling forging machine is my company developed a new roll forging equipment, the working mechanism and the rotating mechanism for the integration of design, not only has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance covers an area of and other small features; while the use of advanced programmable control system ( PLC ), high quality electrical components and the sealing element; the machine is equipped with overload protection device can be realized on the machine safety protection; due to a brake clutch, can realize continuous, semi automatic single and adjusting work mode, making the models in use at the same time more automation, more convenient operation simple.
    The model not only can roll forging a variety of large and medium-sized shaft parts, but also can be used as a forging production line equipment for die forging process of billet, provide accurate blank; the type of the roll forging precision parts and species have reached the domestic same products of the advanced level, is all kinds of Auto parts forging industry, engineering machinery processing industry is an indispensable product.

¡¡ DR46-500 DR46-630 DR46-800  DR46-1000 DR46-1250
Roller center distance£¨mm£© 500 630 800 1000 1250
Roller diameter£¨mm£© 400 500 640 800 1000
Length of roller£¨mm£© 500 600 800 900 1100
Roll blank diameter£¨mm£© ¦Õ40 ¦Õ60 ¦Õ80 ¦Õ100 ¦Õ120
Adjust the amount of roll center distance(mm) ¡À12 ¡À15 ¡À20 ¡À25 ¡À30
Roll speed(r/min) 14 12 10 8 6
Adjust the amount of roll phase angle (degrees) ¡À3¡ã ¡À3¡ã ¡À3¡ã ¡À3¡ã ¡À3¡ã
Power of main motor£¨kw£© 30 45 75 160 200
DR46 series two roll cross wedge rolling

DR46 series two roll cross wedge rolling 
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