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CR series semi-circular rolling machine

Product description£º
      CR series semi-circular rolling machine bar roll forging equipment, the model is applied to rolling forging forging, can be also used for final forging and forging machine, or screw press is composed of forging production line; due to high speed of roll forging, forging and forging can be completed within a fire. The model has the advantages of high production efficiency, town turned off the light, the service life of the die is high, the labor condition is good, widely used in auto parts, forging industry, power machinery, aviation and daily necessities and other metal manufacturing industry.
Roll forging and die forging in£º
1, has the advantages of high production efficiency, noise and vibration of small advantages;
2, equipment has the advantages of simple structure, easy to operate;
3, the material consumption is little, can save raw materials;
4, the mechanical properties, fatigue life;
5, reduce die main striking force, improving service life of forging die;
6, the forging roller mounting portion intermediate pay fan-shaped mold, so that the workpiece after repeated rolling stretch forming;
7, the friction clutch and brake using compressed air, compressed air valve by the electric control;
8, the forging roller center distance and angle adjustment mechanism can adjust, forging roll center distance and circular dislocation;
9, overload, overload protection device can automatically cut off the power, to protect the host;
10, operated by a foot switch or button controls, by selecting switch can realize the adjustment, single or continuous operation.
¡¡ CR-30D CR-38D CR-50D
Roll forging die diameter£¨mm£© ¦Õ270 ¦Õ300 ¦Õ360
Effective width of roll forging die£¨mm£© 200 220 280
The largest diameter of roll forging blank£¨mm£© ¦Õ30 ¦Õ38 ¦Õ50
The maximum length of roll forging£¨mm£© 420 470 565
Roll forging center adjustment£¨mm£© 8 15 15
Motor power(kw) 7.5 11 15
Weight of machine(kg) 3200 4100 5800
A rolling machine rolling products

CR series semi-circular rolling machine 
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